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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kindle or Nook?

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I pondered this decision for a while - my SIL has Nook and my daughter has a Kindle. Had a chance to see and observe both of them and did a little reading on them. The touchscreen of the Nook is what finally made me decide to go with the Kindle. I don't know what it is but I seem to have trouble with touchscreens.

My Kindle is a birthday gift from the hubby and, weather permitting, should be delivered in time for my birthday! Even though I've been using the Kindle app for my blackberry, I'm very excited about getting the actual Kindle - the screen size on the blackberry is not great for book reading.

I started thinking that it would be nice to have files for these pieces of our everyday lives - and in creating them, I opted to also include a card base so they could be used for Amazon/B&N gift cards.

The pics on the left are the images from Inkscape - the pics on the right are my somewhat messy attempts at assembling and detailing the cuts. The .scut2 files are set up so that the assembled device will be the actual width & height of the device which will make nice size cards. Of course, if you want to scale the size to something smaller, that is definitely possible - although I'm not sure how small you could make the kindle file due to the circle cuts for the keys. I will try to design some envelopes to fit the files - possibly tomorrow since the forecast is that we will be snowed in (I live in Alabama - can you believe it?)

I'm also really having fun making pop-up greetings for my A2 card blanks - last night I created a Happy Birthday file using the Varsity font and I'm including that .scut2 file here as well.

I've got to get ready for work now - I'm hoping the bad weather holds off until I get home tonight. Wishing you all a restful/peaceful Sunday.


TennLady said...

Nook vs Kindle. Our older daughter was making that determination for Christmas. The result was Nook becauses it was compatible with our state's regional e-book & audiobook loan system. Unfortunately Kindle is not. She actually got the lowest cost Nook and is really happy with it. Good luck with your Kindle.

Jeanne said...

I got a nook for Christmas from my DH and I LOVE it, I have the not color one cuz there was glare he said. I have read and read on mine it's like a book but without the paper cuts LOL
I can also get books thru my library for the nook :)

I LOVE your card!!

Lynn said...

Hmmmmmm.. I got a Kindle for Christmas. I THINK I'll like it if I can pry it from my hubby's hands long enough to actually READ my books! Ha! Married almost 40 years and have never seen him read a book ever until now! I guess we need two in this family? Have fun with yours when it arrives!

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