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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do I or Don't I?

I've been pondering this new Cricut Imagine machine - trying to decide if it is right for me. My Cricut Expression works just fine and cuts everything I ask of it so I don't NEED the Imagine. For the most part, I prefer multi-layer cuts so I design my own and cut using SCAL. I'm assuming I would not be able to use SCAL with the Imagine so I would have to keep both machines.

Anyone have the Imagine yet? Other than being able to basically make a colored die-cut image, what are the great things you've been able to do with it? Would love to see some examples if anyone has some - post a link below if you have Imagine projects to share!


Jeanne said...

Lora I personally would not buy it, for the price alone since my cricut does an amazing job anyways. I have seen where several people have actually sent them back for not cutting right, the print quality was not good etc. I would ask on some yahoo groups etc before you buy one. Seems that Provo put it out BEFORE it was ready just like they always do......Just my opinion :)

TraciVee said...

I wouldn't purchase it yet, either. If you go to the Cricut Facebook page, there are SO many complaints with this thing not working correctly. I'm waiting for them to update and fix all the bugs in it. Maybe in about a year or so. Also, I want to see how long that ink lasts...I just don't believe you can print 60 12x12 pages with those ink carts. My regular printer can't even do that...

Heidi said...

I'd wait....I've heard that the Make the Cut program is going to be able to have a function similar to this...don't know how/when but if you already own a cricut and make the cut, it would be worth it to wait. Also, if you don't own make the cut, it's price is so much more afforadable than an imagine....so.... it can't be the same because we can't "print" with the cricut, but....?????

dimahi said...

I for one am glad I didn't get the new Imagine. I had it in my cart, but there were complications and so I was unable to get it that night...since then Make the Cut has updated, and we can now do Print and Cut with our Cricuts...check out my site, I have video tutorials for Print and Cut and also for making my own cardstock using RGB codes. http://scrapitcmh.blogspot.com and on my site is a link to Make the Cut and you can download it for a free trial for 10 days. There is a little learning curve to it, especially if you have only used SCAL, but I'm glad I switched...it is an awesome program. If you have any questions, you can email me at dimahi@hotmail.com

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