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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SCAL or MTC - your opinions please?

I have been pondering all of my options in light of everything that has happened with MTC and Provo Craft. I'm really kind of in limbo right now waiting for an official statement from Andy at MTC. I am seriously considering the purchase of a Black Cat cutter but I want to be assured of the future of MTC before I take that step.

I have to state that I was never a cartridge user - think I bought 4 or 5 and I have personally used only ONE of them. I gave all the others to my daughter because she had access to a cricut at some crop nights she was attending. I'm left with Plantin Schoolbook that came with my machine - and when I just need some quick text without welding, etc - I like the font and will use it.

I love the combo of SCAL & Inkscape and have become quite competent at creating the files that I want/need for my pages. Even before the advent of the cutting machines - I made my own intricate paper-piecings rather than purchase stickers and die cuts - I'm just not a "cutesy" scrapbooker. Don't get me wrong - there is adorable stuff and I love a lot of it - it just doesn't fit with my scrapbooking style.

While I wait for an official statement on the future of MTC, I decided to download the trial version of the software and see if I can figure it out. I keep reading how it is more user friendly than SCAL. I don't see it yet - but maybe it's just because I've used SCAL from the beginning.
I will say that the trace feature seems to work very well - I haven't tried breaking any images yet to clean them up and separate them ( I haven't figured out how to do this yet).

I'd love to hear from any of you who own and have used both software applications - which is your favorite and why?


TennLady said...

I've only used SCAL2. I love it. I own one cartridge and buying another machine is not possible.

bcriminger said...

I've only used SCAL2. Ihave 4 carts and am not looking to buy any more, as I love SCAL and have been able to find free files on most everything I've wanted since I got it

Rhonda P said...

Black Cat promotes Make the Cut software. So the software won't be going anywhere. It just won't be usable with the cricut. I am also looking at a Black Cat cutter. I use both SCAL and MTC, but I haven't played with them enough to be able to recommend one over the other. Just make sure you the cutter you pick is compatable with the software. (I think both are compatable, but I'm not sure.)

Anna said...

I have the MTC software and that is one reason I decided to go with the Cricut Expression. I was not going to HAVE to buy cartridges to use it since I had so many files already. If I had the money I'd get rid of my CE gypsy and get another machine. But I don't so I'm stuck right now. :( As bad as I want the cartridges Kate and Nate I doubt if I buy them now. I really don't think PC understands how MTC has helped their sells.

KGB That's Me said...

I've never used SCAL and I've never owned a Cricut. My first cutter was the original Craft Robo because I never wanted to invest in a cutter that would keep costing me money, i.e. cartridges. When I became limited in what I could cut because CR cuts to around 7.75" and I scrapbook in 12x12, I sprang for a Black Cat Lynx last year when Scraps That Inc. put them on clearance for $299. They decided to focus their sales on the Cougar. But now with the settlement with PC and MTC, Scraps That Inc. has decided to start offering the Lynx again, and it is $499. I highly recommend it. I use it with MTC, and it's a dream! I love the features and cutting force of the Lynx and the true 12" cutting ability, and I love the ease of use of MTC. I can definitely recommend them both.

Bee's hive said...

I would talk to Carolyn at http://www.inkscapecuttingdesign.com She's a very nice lady and used to sell black cat lynx cutters. I cannot say how badly you need to talk to her first...

scrapping my heart out said...

I have 28 carts, and have plowed through both SCAL 1 and 2. I love the software and would not give it up, even to update my DS software! I'll let that fade away if need be. When MTC came out, I did some research, and they were very similar....to the point that I didn't even download the trial. I think either one will satisfy most needs.

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