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Thursday, March 17, 2011

I did it!

I joined the MTC family before they pulled the Cricut capability. I bet they had a boom in sales the last few days - I never planned to purchase MTC but with all the hype about the settlement, I decided to check the program out for myself and am SO GLAD that I did. MTC is amazing and I am so excited to get started using it.

Yes, I know I can no longer update my Cricut firmware - but since I don't use cartridges at all there is really no need. I updated to v. 2.34 in order to be compatible with the latest release of MTC and will be content with that for the duration of my Cricut's useful life - it's over 3 years old so I don't really expect it to last much longer.

Been out comparison shopping new cutters so I'll be ready to make a purchase as soon as I can save up the funds. I've got my heart set on a Black Cat Lynx (and Black Cat supports MTC development - I read that they actually sent Andy a machine so that he could write the necessary drivers for it).

Still waiting to hear what the outcome will be for SCAL (since PC has also sued them for the same reasons).

That's it for today - have to get ready for work - but I do have some new files that I'll be sharing soon!


Melissa said...

Seriously? If Black Cat did that then they are super smart! PC should have taken a lesson and worked with them. Obviously the creators of MTC and SCAL are far superior to the people they have creating software at PC.

bcriminger said...


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