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Saturday, March 12, 2011

PC Lawsuits - my thoughts

Just stumbled across this link to the actual complaint filed against Craft Edge (on Cricut forum of all places so I'm sure it won't be there long).

So, I'm sure by now that most of you have heard that Provo Craft and Make the Cut have reached a settlement. Until there is an official announcement from either company or the court documents are released, we can't know for sure what the terms are. The word that is circulating on the web doesn't sound good for Cricut owners - apparently any future sale of MTC cannot include support for Cricut machines. You can read more of the details at scrapbookupdate.com. Since Provo Craft filed suit against Craft Edge in January, will SCAL users soon be faced with the same dilemma?

I've done a lot of reading today and it really got me thinking. How many of us purchased a Cricut only after SCAL and/or MTC became available? I know there are a lot of us. I used to demo the baby bug when it was first released - hated it something awful. I said I would NEVER buy a machine that tied me to cartridges and that was so difficult to get the result I wanted. After the Expression came out, I started really thinking about getting one but then my sights turned to something like a Wishblade since it had the ability to cut true-type fonts. About the time I had the money to purchase that machine I stumbled upon the newly released SCAL - within 48 hours I had my Cricut and SCAL and never looked back.

I read several comments today that people would not have purchased MTC or SCAL if Provo Craft had offered a software with similar functionality. Let's be honest - those software platforms probably would have never been developed if Design Studio had been the program that it could have been. Rather than supporting the end-users who buy the machines, PC opted to try to keep them dependent upon pricey cartridges. ETA: According to the filing linked above - PC alleges that Craft Edge violated the EULA of CDS by reverse engineering CDS to create SCAL. I don't know anything about software development - is this the only way this software could have been created?

I know that those of us who spend our hard-earned dollars on the products can't change the outcome of these lawsuits. However, I can send a message through my spending of those $$$. My E is over 3 years old and has started making some protesting noises off and on. I WAS planning to purchase another E while the original model was still available because I was fearful that the version 2 machine would be like the Imagine and not compatible with SCAL. Not now - I am seriously exploring my other options because my next cutter WILL NOT bear the Cricut logo.

I've posted a few poll questions about this topic in the right sidebar - just curious to see how many people are like me - purchased Cricut BECAUSE of the availability of 3rd party software, rarely use a cartridge and will be looking for a new cutter soon ETA: the poll questions have been moved to the Boycott Provo Craft FB page - you can click the link below the logo in the sidebar to take the poll.


Bee's hive said...

I am just amazed at the greediness of Provo Craft! I won't ever buy another Cricut if I'm not allowed to use SCAL with it. I refuse to buy another cartridge even if I love it!
I hope SCAL turns around and sues them for Cricut Craft Room which is nothing but a SCAL knock off.

TennLady said...

I own one cartridge, the one that came with my baby bug. I will not buy anymore, I'll just keep using my SCAL2.

Katie said...

I think that if enough of us help craft edge in supporting them, and posting what we can, I am hopeful that we can continue to use what we have... It will really suck if they disable my 2 expressions now... I bought one just in case the other broke and now I wished I had bought a different cutter, one without a mat...ladies lets stick together and help craft edge fight tooth and nail for us.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey said...

I've bought Make-The-Cut, SCAL, Fairy Cut, Design Studio, Gypsy, as well as more than 100 Cricut cartridges. I have 2 Expressions, a Cricut Cake, a Cuttlebug and a Sizzix. In other words, I've spoiled myself with my hobby. I never knew anything about Cricut OR any cutters until about 1.5 years ago when I dove in with both feet, I mean, feet first. or something.

I am really disheartened to hear about this lawsuit; I have the settlement info posted on my blog as well (www.cardmonkey-business.blogspot.com), along with an editorial.

In short, I understand and respect ProvoCraft's desire to protect its copyrights. If you've ever seen their patent applications, you might even wonder why or how they got away with these applications as not infringing on the cutters like Wishblade that came before them. Maybe Wishblade didn't pay their attorneys enough? Whatever.

I also don't like it when a large company tramples the entrepreneur like a "www.CricutSearch.com" venture which thus far provides a free tool to search your Cricut cartridges. Cricut Craft Room essentially takes all their work (did they "lift" it?) and does what ProvoCraft should have done a long time ago.

When APPLE came along long, long ago, they initially got huffy when people wrote software to use on his hardware. Then they realized HEY, more software to support more industries equals more sales of hardware, and cooperated. Provo should do the same. Many of us would never have gotten a Cricut at all were it not for the software that supports it.

Bottom line, there is plenty of room in the sea for big fish and little fish, unless the whales go about eating up all the fish. And then the whales die of starvation after they're finished gobbling.

Just my nineteen cents. Sorry to be so long-winded. Par for the course!!

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

STOP BY MY BLOG TODAY to join in on another (different) birthday blog hop ... and also to learn the latest on what's up in the lawsuit case of ProvoCraft vs. Make-The-Cut.

2KutiesGrandma said...

I bought my Expression only because I could use SCAL with it. I have also bought a few cartridges along the way - but there are not very many "grown-up" cartridges and not all of us like the kiddie stuff. Since then I have also added make the cut to my software library and I love both MTC and SCAL. Count me among the ones who will be looking for a new cutter and finding a new home for Mr. Cricut. One thing is for sure - Provocraft will not see another dime of my money.

The Harnings said...

You know I wouldn't have bought the cricut without SCAL. My Cricut is new at this point so I will continue using it with SCAL until it needs replacing. I will not be supporting PC.

I asked Tommy about the reverse engineering. He said that the probability is that they did use reverse engineering to figure out how to communicate with the cricut. However, it is POSSIBLE that they did not. He said it would be a waste of resources to try to figure it out from scratch. This is why he supports open source software!

Simply AJ said...

UGH… I am so aggravated that the courts would allow PC to have such a stronghold in the marketplace.

I bought my Cricut because I could use it with SCAL. I guess I need to go ahead and upgrade SCAL2 before they take it away (I was just making do with what I had – the old SCAL)! I can't afford to be forced to buy only PC carts and I'm not one of the lucky ones who get tons of free PC products to demo. I am just a middle- class retired lady who loves to scrap. I can't belong to "Circle" because of the ridiculous cost and most of us can't even buy the new magazine because of the outrageous price. Provo Craft needs to wake up and realize that business will suffer if they block the SCAL’s of the world because many of us will take our business elsewhere! I guess it is time to start researching other cutting machines so that I can have a plan and can budget to replace my Cricut because I will NOT buy another PC machine.

I have been reading about this on so many blogs and it’s so comical – you can tell the ones that are being sponsored by PC and who receive boxes and boxes of FREE carts and such. They are on a rampage blasting SCAL and Making the Cut acting like they have never used anything but PC products. (HA! We know different). Those individuals would not have such fancy blogs and equipment if they had not sided with PC. They would be just like the rest of us – budgeting to by carts and watching for sales. Just thought I would vent!!! Thanks… AJ

Diane said...

I had my E before I ever heard of SCAL or MTC, however, it sat in a closet, because I wasn't going to pay $80 for a cart that had maybe 5 or 6 designs on it that I would even think about using. I should have done more research to find out how much those carts sold for before I purchased the machine.
Once I found SCAL, it came out of the closet, and once I found MTC, it was used weekly. (I don't have time to craft daily as I work tons of overtime, but I do it when I can).
I have since bought a new cutter, that will work with MTC, and have sold my E. I will be selling the rest of my carts, since I no longer have a cutter to use them with.

scrapping my heart out said...

I am RIGHT there with you! Because of SCAL, I actually bought my bug, and because of SCAL, I actually enjoyed using my bug. Because of SCAL I became addicted and bought even more carts to augment what I could do with the third party software. I would NOT have gone with cricut if SCAL was not available. I thought just the other day, about how mine is almost 5 years old, and would have purchased another one, in a heart beat, once this one died. After knowing what I know, I have no more attachment and fondness of PC at all! When this one dies, my carts will be sold, and I will purchase a different system. And yes, there are ways of developing software without having "copied" off DS. Todd has so much ingenuity that he could have developed this program with a rock and sharp stick. Just my thoughts.... :D

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