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Friday, February 4, 2011

Here's the story......

of a naughty little puppy dog!

When he was just a 5 week old puppy, Mokie used to lay on my desk and rest his little head on my laptop as I was browsing the web. And, he developed a love of PAPER. Throughout his life, he has continued his love affair with paper - get him a new toy and you better leave the tag on - it's his favorite part of the toy! Don't let a toilet paper or paper towel tube get into his paws - they are better than a new toy to him. And, in the scrapbook room - he's a big fan of paper-tearing! Any time a scrap ends up on the floor - I can kiss it goodbye 'cuz Mokie will be tearing it up for me.

But, it's now out of control - The other night I was sitting in here in the dark browsing the net and he came in and was laying beside me on the floor. Pretty quick he took off on the run and I could tell he had something but figured it was just one of the many scraps that had hit the floor. The next morning - I discoved the card in shreds and realized what he had done. I thought maybe I had dropped it off my desk or something - I was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. However......just 20 minutes ago, I was sitting here reading email and he again took off on the run ...... with another card. I HAD 2 totes under my desk - one with card blanks and one with completed cards - why did he only take the completed cards - and notice I said HAD - they have now been moved!

So, his name started out as Smokey.....we changed it to Mokie when he lost all of his gray coloring......but I think Smokey might be more appropriate ......as in Smokey, the Bandit!

And the winner of the little prize is:

I just had to post the random.org screen shot - can you believe DAWN won again? It must be your lucky week!

Can't tell you what your little prize will be....I am on my way to the grand opening of our new Joann's this morning and I'll pick up something there! I'll add it to your Vera package!


Summer said...

congarts dawn and Love the story about your little guy! We have a new lab that likes to eat remote controls.

McVic said...

what a cute story- he is adorable what kind of dog is he?

Lora said...

He's an "all american" breed I guess you could say - he's part Westie, part soft-coated wheaten terrier, part poodle - those are what we know! Who knows what else he has mixed in there. He was a rescue - brought into the pound at 5 weeks old and I got him before they had officially released the litter for adoption!

Tammy D said...

Sneaky little guy!

Linda said...

I know I am late posting to this, but I just found it and could not let it go uncommented. When I saw the picture, not knowing anything else, I was sure of the answer.
We have a bichon. He loves paper. Can smell a tissue in someones pocket, has emptied purses of guests, will help himself to toilet paper if his quota is not met for the day, gives new meaning to junk mail. I have no reason for it, he just loves paper, especially paper towels, tissues, etc. Good thing for them that they are so cute and we love them so much!

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