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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

First, an apology for being a bad blogger.  It's been a typical holiday season for me - custom framing gets a bit crazy during the holiday season and entails lots of long hours and abnormal shifts.  Once that kicks in, I have a hard time just getting through the days and doing the things that have to be done - so the blog suffers yet again.

On a totally unrelated note, I took the tree down this morning.  And, spent a couple of hours photographing and inventorying all of the ornaments. I typed the inventory sheets into spreadsheets on google docs and will be uploading my photos to an online storage site.  After the 2011 tornados that barely missed us, I have thought quite a bit about the fact that we have no detailed list of our belongings.  And, a list won't do you much good if it is blown away by a tornado, burnt by a fire, etc  - so online storage of the list and photo documentation seems a good way to go.

Of course, a couple of boxes of Christmas stuff is only a tiny drop in the bucket, but there's a reason I started there.  This year, when we went to put up the tree, Harvey went to the attic and brought down a tree and ornaments - but not the ones I wanted.  See, we have two trees and two completely different sets of ornaments.  One tree is huge and the ornaments that go on it are ones we have collected in our 30+ years of married life together - we call it the MEMORY tree.  The other tree is one of the slim trees and the ornaments that decorate it are color themed to coordinate with our home.  To make a long story short - Harvey spent an hour going through every storage container in the attic TWICE to find the box I was looking for.  I vowed then and there that I would get the stuff up there sorted and inventoried, labeled with numbers that correspond to inventory spreadsheets.  Next year I can just tell him which box numbers to bring down.

So, 2 boxes of ornaments and one tree down - the rest is going to wait until we have a nice day and Harvey can bring it all down to the garage.

My questions today are - how many of you have a COMPLETE household inventory?  What format have you used - written lists, computer software, online storage, photos?  And, how thorough have you been - do you itemize book and movie titles, etc?  Or just  count 30 paperbacks, 20 dvds, etc? 

And, last but not least, have you inventoried your craft room?  (I don't want to know how much money sits in this room, LOL)

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