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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another food post - homemade granola bars!

Today I decided to attempt to make homemade granola bars - in an effort to make something that does not contain sugar alcohols and various chemicals. 

I've seen many recipes on-line for granola bars but the one that most interested me was one for chewy granola bars - (like the Quaker brand ones).  Here's the link to the blog where I found the recipe: http://backtothecuttingboard.com/dessert/no-bake-chewy-granola-bars/

I'm obviously not a food blogger but thought I would share pics of the bars I made - they look almost like bars you would buy!  I made 3 batches but only photographed two of them.  The first batch I made used some purchased Raspberry Vanilla flavored granola.  I simply used 2 cups of that, 1 cup of rice krispies, and the brown sugar, butter, honey syrup.   They turned out great so I was encouraged to go one step further - I made my own granola for the next two batches.  I used the recipe from the link above.  Once the granola was finished, I made a batch of s'more bars - following the directions exactly.

The last batch I made was a peanut butter bar with peanut butter and chocolate chips.  To create this bar, I wanted to add peanut butter to the peanut butter/chocolate recipe on the blog listed above.  I made the following modifications and it seemed to work out perfect:  increase the brown sugar to 3/8 cup and once the syrup has cooked for the 2 minutes, stir in 1/4 cup peanut butter. 

All 3 flavors are YUMMY and a hit with the family.  Going to check out the granola selection at Earth Fare next time I go in - see what other flavors I can create!

Let me know if you try this recipe - I was so excited at how they turned out.

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